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Yusuke Yamamoto

Associate Professor, Nagoya City University

I am an associate professor in the Nagoya City University, School of Data Science.

Yusuke Yamamoto receieved a 2006 Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Kyoto University, a 2008 Master degree in informatics from Kyoto University, and a 2011 Doctor degree of informatics from Kyoto University (the supervisor was Dr. Katsumi Tanaka).

Technical Background

  • Information retrieval
  • Web
  • Digital library
  • Human factor

Research Interests

  • Information credibility
  • Human-computer interaction for slow thinking and reflection
  • Human-information technology ecosystem
  • Interactive systems for creative activity


  • Email:
  • Phone: +81-52-872-6272


Building #4, Room 421
1, Yamanohata, Mizuho-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Japan


    For International Students

    We are looking for undergraduates and graduates who have strong passions for learning and studying new things in the field of informatics, especially information credibility, HCI for slow thinking and reflection, human-information technology ecosystem, and interactive systems for creation.

    If you are interested in joining our lab, please don’t forget to contact me. A few students apply for admission to the Master’s Program of our university without contacting me. For the admission, all international students need to contact supervisor candidates.

    Furthermore, please note the following before contacting me. This is to prevent a mismatch between you and me. Some international students contact me without sufficient surveys of my research. In typical cases, they choose and contact me, looking at only my research keywords. I will reject them. If you hope to join our lab, please be sure to do the following actions:

    Action 1: Check our works

    Our laboratory studies the following topics:

    • Credibility-oriented information access systems
    • Information design to encourage critical information seeking
    • Human-computer interaction for slow thinking and reflection towards social good and well-being

    We list several papers below for your understanding. Please read them (you can download the papers via the links). If you want to check other papers except the above three (listed in the publication list), please contact me.

    Action 2: Think about relevance between you and us

    If you read some of our papers, you would learn what and how our laboratory is doing. Then it’s time to judge whether your motivation fits our laboratory. Think about what you want to study and the relevance between you and us.

    Action 3: Summarize your research plan

    If you judge that you can fit our laboratory, write down the following four items and summarize your research plan.

    1. what you want to study (research theme)
    2. what your research questions are
    3. how relevant the questions are to our research topics
    4. how you solve your research questions (research plan)
    Action 4: Contact me

    Contact me with your CV and a document about Action 3. You can see the contact email address above. If you contact me without the CV and the document about Action 3, I will reject you (I won’t reply to your email).